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Star Tug and Marine: A Tugs Fansite
The Shows History
The Star Tugs Fleet
The Z Stacks


Welcome to The Star Tug and Marine

From the Producers of the well known Thomas The Tank engine and Friends series, Tugs is an exciting and well loved series based around the 1920's in famous Bigg City port, following two rival boat companies The Star Tugs and the villainous Z Stacks as they battle for Contracts to get the best jobs.
The Series was created at the end of the 1980's by Robert D. Cardona and David Mitton and using the same wonderful techniques as used in Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends and the same 35mm film, they produced this series and since has been a big hit for all Tugs fans you and old.
This site hopes to bring out some good Tugs info and some nice stuff for the other Tugs fans, although this site is unofficial, we intend to keep it that way and hope to make some new media for the site as it builds up.